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Liz Coll

Consumer Tech Policy Expert

Liz is a consumer tech policy expert with many years’ experience of campaigning for consumers rights online. At Citizens Advice and Consumer Focus she led work on critical issues for consumers in the digital world like data privacy, smart home devices and online reviews. She went on to establish a global digital programme at Consumers International, where she led advocacy and research into e-commerce, consumer internet of things, AI, data privacy and the impact of platforms on consumers’ access to choice, redress and fair treatment. She has represented consumer interests at national and global policy forums including the OECD and the G20. As an independent consultant, she works with international policy makers, think tanks, consumer groups and standards setters in the UK and Europe. Passionate about creating a safe and fair digital world where consumers come first, Liz is applying to the Competition Appeal Tribunal to bring a claim on behalf of consumers who may have been overcharged in the Google Play Store.