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Jeremy Opperer

PhD Principal EMEA Product Trust & Regulatory Affairs, Amazon EU SarL
Dr. Opperer leads the EMEA Product Trust and Regulatory Affairs within Amazon’s Product Safety and Compliance team. Prior to joining Amazon, he spent 16 years as a consumer product safety consultant. He has extensive experience in product hazard and risk assessment which he has gained while helping a variety of brands representing the consumer products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and baby products sectors. He has applied his knowledge of engineering design, manufacturing, and quality control process to help his clients to develop, manufacture, and distribute safe and quality products in the consumer goods market. He supported his clients in three main areas: proactive assessment, reactive incident investigations, and by reviewing and improving the “concept to consumer” product development process. He has a strong focus on the “consumer experience” and the human factor of product interaction. Prior to joining Amazon Dr. Opperer was a Senior Consultant in Exponent’s Mechanical Engineering Practice and the Technical Operations Director for Intertek’s European Product Assurance and Risk Assessment and Management group. During this time, he provided tactical and strategic safety and quality consulting services for his product development and retail clients, which resulted in sustainable safe product-to-market/stay-in-market programs. Dr. Opperer has conducted product assessments to support his customers’ challenges from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and from EU Member State authorities. Examples of his proactive work to enable safe and quality product development include: driving risk management strategy/policy development, writing manuals, running crisis management workshops, creating and presenting custom risk management training programs, substantiation of product performance claims, and use of risk assessment methodologies to drive design decisions.