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Felipe Peixoto

Coordinator of Smarts City of the City of Rio de Janeiro
Felipe Peixoto was born in Niterói, holds a degree in Administration from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) and in Law from Unilasalle. He holds a post-graduate degree in Public Law from the Brazilian Bar Association ( OAB) and an MBA in Project Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV).
With the baggage acquired in many projects in different areas, such as mobility and environment, Felipe Peixoto opened his own company in 2019 and worked in the private sector with advice and consulting with solutions in smart cities (Smart City). In the same period, he was a invited professor of the graduate program in Public Administration at UFF in the discipline Of Management and Planning, sharing experiences of areas that specially worked in his mandates, such as planning and urban policy instruments; metropolitan planning and mobility policy; and housing policy, sustainable development and smart cities.
In 2021 he assumed the suppleness in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro in January and left the chair to take over the Intelligent City Coordination of the City of Rio de Janeiro.